A Day in My Life

  • Aug. 14, 2014
  • Derek Stegelman

Inspired by this lovely blog post by Colin Ross of Buffer app, I thought I'd document my day as a remote developer.

Wake Up (5:50 - 6:30 AM)

I work on the central time schedule but live in the mountain time zone so I work one hour (and a bit earlier) than others here.  This is great for me because I am a chronic early riser and get ...

Software Projects


Hadrian is a quick set of uiltilties and django based python libraries that aid in the creation of every single one of my web applications. Included are common uses of slugification, common middleware, and a basic fabric file that you can inherit and use in your projects.


Fotochest is a online gallery for all of your photos. Written in Python on top of Django, Fotochest is an extensible, easy to use photo gallery with an extensive API and other customizations.

College of Business Mentoring Program

The mentoring project is a online application and matching process for College of Business students to be matched with dedicated mentors in our community. The description of the program from their site.

The Kansas State University Business Executive Mentor Program is a new initiative that pairs successful business executives with students. This mentorship allows our students to learn from industry leaders, maximize their time in college and gain the skills ...

K-State Selective Scholarships

K-State Selective Scholarships is a web application process for students that have been pre-selected as high achievers, and that the university specifically targets for prestigious scholarships. This app uses the new Django Form Wizard and some critical interaction with other University systems.