Derek Stegelman

Follow Up, Django and Gunicorn

This is a (short) update to my post about moving to Gunicorn from mod_wsgi.

A few months ago I moved my webfaction based apache modwsgi setup to Gunicorn. At the time I posted on twitter and even got a few replies both ways, even one from Graham Dumpleton (he wrote the modwsgi apache module). So far I've had huge success with the move. I've had significantly less down time from memory leaks, and much better response times under Gunicorn. I attribute a lot of this to supervisor as well. I should have been using this to manage apache.

I should have been keeping better metrics because this is the point that I'd like to show some lovely graphs. Unfoturnately, I didn't so you'll have to trust what I've said here. At any rate I've seen significant improvement through using this. I'd recommend it to anyone still using apache mod_wsgi.

Happy Coding!