Derek Stegelman


It is looking more and more like I will be keeping on here in Manhattan. I am still looking for jobs elsewhere, but as the market is slowing, jobs are harder and harder to find. I am hopefull that I can find a few positions here in Manhattan that suit me well either at the Univeristy of elsewhere. Lindy has a job offer at Fort Riley, so if I could get a gig here things would be allright. I would like to change the look and feel of this site, but I am far too busy right now to deal with that. Now I am just trying to stay sane while I complete things for the wedding, graduation, and finding a job. I am still working as a freelance web developer on the weekends and that has been going well but it doesn’t bring home the bacon at the moment. Spring Break Spring break is coming up here soon. The current plan is to go to Topeka on Friday and leave for Fort Collins Colorado on Wednesday. We’ll be on the slopes on one of those days which is good for me; hopefully I can teach Lindy how as well. It will be nice to meet the rest of Lindy’s family before the wedding as well. Bristol Issues Bristol has been having issues with her toe recently, and last night it finnally starting falling off (her toenail that is). We shall be taking her in to the vet soon I think to have this resolved. Kind of makes us mad though as we took her in a week ago and they assured me the nail was not broken. Vets are expensive.