Derek Stegelman

Vacation!!!! Okay, so its not that exciting but..

Where? So, you may ask yourself where you would go on a spring break vacation. If you asked me it might be Vegas, somewhere warm, out of the country, or to some place I have never been. This spring break though I will going to a place that I have been, but seeing people I have not. Thats right, this spring break I will be visiting and meeting Lindy‚s family before our wedding. Most of them live around the Colorado area so we are going there for a few days. You might say family trips would be boring, but this one will not be for several reasons:

  • I love Colorado
  • I love Skiing
  • I get to go and do both!

What were doing. Well hopefully we will be spending one day skiing and the rest traveling around and doing random things in the great state of Colorado. Other than that I have no idea. Will be updating facebook and twitter during the trip to see exactly what Im up to. Hope I don’t break a leg!!!! What’s next? School. Pretty much boring, but I have a research paper, a mock judicial review, and tests for the next few months.¬† It will be a huge relief to not be panicking about jobs though. Oh and remember to do your brackets and let’s hope KSU can crank out a win tomorrow night.