Derek Stegelman

Skills Evaluation

This week while working on new designs and websites I came to a greatly enlightened point. I cannot design websites. Yes folks, I cannot make a good looking design for the life of me. I am not gifted artist, I didn’t spend my time taking art classes to learn which colors go well with each other. So why is this important? I spend almost 75% of my time with web sites coming up with designs; this needs to end. I have recently found the answer to my debacle… I can code. And can code quite well. I write good clean code, in php,,, c#, and some lose javascript. I also can write good quality web presentation code (html,css, xml) however, as I said before I can’t design it for the life of me. Why is this important? If I spend a little money I can contract out my design work, and spend more time coding the websites. The best part of this is that there are already great sites to go to, to buy some of these designs for next to nothing. I will save hours of time and in turn money, as well as offering a better price to my customers. Later this week, I will be purchasing a few new designs to complete some outstanding websites and finally get a few done.