Derek Stegelman

Where's The Biz?

For the last year and a half or so I have been running a small online web development business to get through college and pay some bills. I had been doing this while I was working at the University as well in a Quality Assurance analysis position. When I finnally graduated in May of 2009 I got married and went to Europe for a month. When I got back I had a few websites to develop and then look for a full time job here in the Manhattan area. I really enjoyed my job at KSU but with the hiring freeze and other economic problems, the University was not going to be a viable option for long term employment. Fast forward to this week. I was recently hired on to work for Civic Plus as a new software analyst. Thus, I have formally decided to stop working on websites for the time being and to concentrate my other spare time on other projects. I have decided to still do my own web development and I still want to improve this site, but as far as making sites for other individuals, I have decided not to persue that path. I’ll be sure to update more in the next few days as I begin my new career experience.