######Derek’s Comments

We are taking the train from Milano to Genoa this morning. Christopher Columbus was born there so we may stop by his house. The church in Genoa also has a fragment of the true cross and a few other relics. Lindy wants us to go to the aquarium as well which is supposedly the biggest in Europe.

We are headed to the coast!

We are headed to our honeymoon suite and are very excited.

Visited Genoa. Had some of the best foccacia sandwich and Alfredo pizza! It was so creamy that you couldn’t eat it without getting sauce everywhere. We were not able to make it to the church to go inside though. We walked along the bay at a Genoa. It was very pretty and there were a lot of boats to look at. On our way out we got dessert of two different pastries, one with chocolate and one with crème. We left Genoa for Vernazza in the early afternoon. Vernazza is amazing! We finally arrived around four in this amazing beach resort.

We are staying in the best hostel that I have ever seen. The room overlooks the sea and is simply stunning! We walked down to the square and watched the sea while avoiding getting splashed!

For dinner we ate at the amazing restaurant on the plaza. I have never had pesto sauce and I was amazed by the pesto and pasta that I ate. They even included potatoes and green beans in the mix! The beer here while not as good as Germany is not bad. Birra Moretti is the brand in this region, being made in Milano. One final note, while walking and seeing ships here we spotted usual things like Lemonchello, pesto, and pasta.

######Lindy’s Comments

We woke up early today and headed to the train station to train to Genoa. The trains in Italy are pretty ghetto compared to German trains but that is okay, they are cheaper haha. We stopped in Genoa to walk around. The marina area was nice and relaxing but the aquarium was 20 Euros so we didn’t do it . We also walked to the main square, not much was going on there so we ate a lovely lunch of focaccia bread and alfredo pizza and headed back to the train station. From there we trained to Vernazza! After a missed train in Moterosso we made it around 4:30 finally!

Our hotel is pretty much amazing, right on the Mediterranean Sea, we are listing to the waves crash right now. We have a glass shower we can see the water from and a shared terrace over the water. After checking in we headed to the center of town and checked out the pier there. The sea is really rough today so we couldn’t go all the way in the pier and the ferries weren’t running today. Then we decided to update are journal and add some photos. Then we ate a lovely dinner, Derek got some amazing pesto that I have to get later this stay! Now we are going to head to our lovely terrace.

Oh and I’m a bit sun burnt, bummer.