Derek Stegelman

Boppard, Germany

######Derek’s Comments

Lindy made me get up far too early today! It’s okay though we got around 12 hours of sleep. I feel bad that we cannot speak German, but the folks here in Sankt Goar are very nice. We are headed to Burg Eltz today, an hour 20 or 10 by train.

Burg Eltz – Ticket stub in back. It’s 1:12 and we are looking for food, money, and the train. The train does not come until 2, and will take us to Cochem. The castle was fun. The castle was in perfect condition and we have lots of pictures.

We are currently in Moselkern around the Mosel River. Just had French fries while waiting for train, they tasted like donuts!! However, these fries seem to be only localized to Moselkern. I ordered a Currywurst (Spicy Sausage) & pomme fritas (Fries). The fries tasted the same as American fries; however the sausage is amazing! It is spiced with curry and then buried in a tomato ketchup sauce. By far my favorite German dish so far. This meal was soo much better than Lindy and I’s first meal. We thankfully are not as tired as we were yesterday.

######Lindy’s Comments

Today I woke up very early and made Derek get up with me. Because we were so early we missed breakfast and decided to head early to Moselkern where we were going to Burg Eltz. We arrived by train and had about a 90 minute walk to the castle. We started out in the small town and then walked through the forest. We encountered a very cute snail and had to take a picture. Then we finally made it to Burg Eltz! It is a huge castle in the forest which served as a trade center and has never been destroyed. We had an hour English tour of the inside, we only went in a few rooms but the castle is still lived in so much is closed off to visitors. Overall Burg Eltz was pretty awesome.

After Burg Eltz we headed to Cochom, which is a city on the Mosel River. It was filled with lots of old German tourists haha and we couldn’t find a pretzel! I got a really good pizza instead and Derek got Currywurst which he loved. We just kind of wandered around the shops, sat at the river and enjoyed the nice weather. We then trained back to Sankt Goar for dinner. Derek and I ended up splitting the best spaghetti ever. And I had my first Coke which both of us swear tastes different, less cinnamon than U.S. Coke. I enjoyed its taste.