Derek Stegelman

Frankfurt and Sankt Goar

######Derek’s Comments

Arrived after a long long flight. The trip wiped us out and we are tired.

We traveled to Sankt Goar today and spent the day eating and climbing the hill to see the castle. The castle was fun, but we have just been too tired to completely enjoy it. Tomorrow will be better I think though. We need a better night’s sleep and some time to recharge.

Tomorrow I might get a few steins.

######Lindy’s Comments

We have less than 2 hours left in our plane trip to Frankfurt! I believe we just flew over England and are on our way to Belgium. Slept about 2-3 hours, I think Derek got a bit more sleep so that is good . There seemed to be a decent amount of turbulence for the size of the plane and fact there was no bad weather. Next report will be from Germany!

Made it to Frankfurt safely! We then trained to Sankt Goar where we are staying at Hotel Zur Loreley. Our hotel is nice with a little Rhine River view and a kitchenette. After checking in we headed to lunch where we ended up at Hotel Hauser where neither of us enjoyed our first meal, bummer! We then found out my camera battery was dead even though I just charged it! Even bigger bummer, I have my spare battery which has been working but I forgot the power adapters so we can’t recharge anything.

We then took a corny train up to Burg Rheinfels in Sankt Goar. This is a castle that is in ruins after being bombed by the French. There were lots of dark tunnels to crawl around in but we were very jet lagged!

We walked down to Sankt Goar and wondered around the shopping street and ended up eating ice cream for dinner which was amazing! Then we went to bed at 7:30pm, way too early haha but we couldn’t make it any longer.