Derek Stegelman

Milan, Italy

######Derek’s Comments

Today is our 1 week anniversary! We got into Milano after a rough night on the night train. An Italian man with a huge double bass stayed in our room. We did not get much sleep. We took the metro to our hotel and put our bags in it. We then got back on the metro and headed to the famous Dumo of Milano. The church (Dumo) was amazing! We took lots of pictures and learned so much. I ever got to see my first dead guy! He was in a glass casket and had been dead close to 600 years! After that we went on the roof the Dumo and took pictures and admired the amazing view.

For lunch we ate canopies which is basically turkey and Swiss on focaccia bread. This was the best sandwich I have ever had, and I was very impressed.

There are also a lot of African immigrants who try to tie bracelets on you and then demand money. Lindy and I find responding in German seems to keep them away better! We went through a large shopping malls next to the Dumo as well. We spent the afternoon at Ingresso Al Castello. This castle and court yard spans a large portion in the town. We took a few photos and relaxed in the park.

For dinner we ate at the hotel restaurant. BAD IDEA! I have never been more disappointed in a meal. I ordered lasagna which came out dry and clearly microwaved, this cost 12.95 Euro! Lindy’s was similar in quality, but was so small that she had no problem finishing it. The entire meal was over 31 Euros which is about double of our previous amazing meals in Germany. I left mad and without leaving a tip!

######Lindy’s Comments

We arrived in Milan around 8 am and decided to have a chocolate muffin for breakfast and then drop our bags off at our hotel. We couldn’t check in until after noon, but they kept our backpacks for us which was nice. We then headed out on the metro to the Milano Dumo! We arrived there just after 9 am, it was a bit cloudy but the square was pretty empty and the Dumo was amazing! We got lots of photos and headed inside. We got an audio guide to understand what we were seeing and Derek got to see his first European dead person in the crypt. The stained glass in the church was amazing and I took a few photos so we will see if they will turn out. We then paid our 8 Euros to head up to the roof of the Dumo.

I would almost say that was the best part of the Dumo visit. The views were amazing and the buttresses were beautiful and very detailed. Glad we took the elevator too, the stair people looked awful tired on the roof! After this we decided to eat lunch, and at this point the Dumo and square were packed with tourists, almost no Americans but us two! We ended up eating a turkey and cheese on foccacia bread which was very yummy. We then headed back to check into our hotel and shower. Our room is small but newly refurbished and really nice to us.

We rested and deiced to head to the Castello Sforzesco. It had several smaller art museums in an old castle that also had a large park behind it. After this we ran out of things we knew to do and headed back to our hotel. It was too early for dinner and we were both really tired so we took a nap, reluctantly woke up, and went to the dinner at the hotel restaurant. The restaurant pretty much sucked so we left unsatisfied and went to bed early.