Derek Stegelman

Sankt Goar and Mainz

######Derek’s comments

Traveled to Mainz by train after breakfast, visited the Dom here in Mainz, and then had a lunch of salami pizza, rye bread, and then some Gouda cheese that we picked up in Sankt Goar. There was a huge market that we looked at in Mainz. Later, we went to the Gutenberg Museum which was huge! We saw some of the original Gutenberg Bibles from the 15th century.

Next, we are on to Frankfurt!

Frankfurt train has beer cans and bottles all over.

Wish I had a beer now!

Arrived in Frankfurt and roamed around the town. We visited the old Dom church that had some interesting ruins by it. We visited the old and new markets. The new market has an outdoor and indoor mall that had a very interesting shape! We took pictures! The indoor mall had an electronics store called “Saturn” that is bigger than Best Buy. Cell phones are also called “Handys”. Quite different than the American meaning. Lindy and I had a great traditional German dinner tonight. We split an Italian schnitzel, which is fried pork with Romano sauce, cheese, and salad. We also had a plate of fried country potatoes with bleu cheese dressing. I need to get some of that in the states. We wish that they offered those with each meal instead of pommes frites. We are waiting for the night train to Milano right now.

######Lindy’s Comments

Today we finally made it to breakfast. I had some good Riesling Wine Jelly on a roll. We then hopped onto the train to head to Mainz. When we got there, there was a huge market in the main square, it all looked so good, but we had nowhere to store the fruit so we ended up eating pizza to go for lunch haha.

We also visited the Mainz Dom, their huge reddish sandstone cathedral. It was really nice on the inside and out but there was a lot of scaffolding on one side. After visiting that we headed to the Gutenberg Museum across the square, it had 3 of the original Gutenberg Bibles and also several printing presses, the only bad thing was most the museum was in German only except what they considered the most important parts.

After Mainz we headed to Frankfurt for the evening. We wandered down Kaiserstrasse to the Frankfurter Dom, which was covered in scaffolding, and not terribly impressive on the inside, and to the Romerberg. We then headed to the outdoor shopping area, Ziel. It was really neat and didn’t allow cars. There were tons of people roaming around and a bunch of shops, even a 6 story mall we wandered through. Now we are waiting at the Frankfurt train station for our first night train to Milan that leaves at 11 pm and arrives at 8 am! Hopefully it is nice, we have a T-4 couchette and are hoping we have no bunk mates but that is unlikely.

Didn’t sleep very well on the night train last night. Bunk mates were quiet but we went through the Alps so it was rocking back and forth and had a 7 am wake up call to get our passports back.