Derek Stegelman

First Snow and lots of good food

Yesterday we had our first “real” snow in Manhattan. Only got a slight dusting, but it snowed long enough for me to at least see it on the ground for a few hours. The wind was blowing like crazy also and knocked over two chairs and a grill off of our deck. In non weather related news, Lindy and I had our parents up yesterday for a holiday dinner. The food was wonderful, Orzo rice (my fav), turkey, green beans, jello salad and some ginger snap cookies. Lots of wine and beer was served too :). It was great to have family up to do things like this while we are living close to each other. Lindy and I are also very excited to be going to the Pinstripe bowl in NYC featuring our Wildcats and Syracuse. We have all the stuff ready to go, plane tickets, etc. and it should be an awesome time. I’m sure we’ll have lots to share after that trip is over. I’d also like to announce that I have setup an online cookbook for Lindy and I to keep track of recipes we like. It will be growing as we make new things and put our favorites on it. Check out