Derek Stegelman

Pinstripe Bowl

Tomorrow at this time Lindy and I will be arriving in NYC for the Pinstripe bowl featured State and Syracuse. I’ll try to be tweeting about anything interesting that happens but who knows what network coverage I will have. We’ll be in NYC for a while after taking in sites and the city. It will be interesting because every year we spend New Year’s in the “little apple” while this year we’ll be spending it in the Big Apple!

######Goals 2011

I wanted to also take this time to publish my goals for this year in the hopes that, that will help me stick to them.

  • Eat Healthier - Not necessarily dieting here, I just want to focus on eating less “shit”
  • Release 2 new web apps - I have both ideas already and have started building one that should be done before summer.
  • Release 3 themeforest themes - I have wanted to do this for awhile but always get too busy
  • Release FotoChest 2.0

I will probably add more goals if I seem to somehow get done early, however, I don’t have that much confidence in that.