Derek Stegelman

Interactive API Documentation

This is a repost from an article that I wrote on the K-State Blog

If you’re a developer like us you’ll likely be needing to grab a few bits of information here and there for your web applications. You’ll also likely be needing this information from some other site or service, say Twitter or Facebook. If you’ve ever tried reading the documentation on these services and then had trouble actually using them, you are not alone.

####Introducing Interactive RESTful API Docs

Today we are releasing our Interactive API documentation powered by Django. With this app, you can add API groups, methods, and URLs to show off the power of your REST API right in the browser. It’s much easier for you to play around with an example than for me to explain so you can see a quick demo of it at

The interactive docs even support adding parameters that you can tie to one or many API calls. This makes adding repeated GET parameters like a response format or object limit, easy.

Overall, I think this type of documentation is an excellent resource to hand to your developers, and I think you’ll see a dramatic reduction in the start up time for new developers to your APIs.

Thanks to the Mashery for the inspiration behind this wonderful concept.