Derek Stegelman


This is post 2 in my series of blog/journal entries from my Europe trip. The text may be incomplete, fuzzy, with a side of terrible grammar. Please excuse the mess.

######September 3, 2011 Boston > Zurich > Luzern

The flight over was actually not too bad. Swiss was the best airline I’ve ever used, but 6 hour flights will always suck. They served dinner around 11, but we had already eaten. In the morning they served breakfast and croissants. After the flight we got tickets and headed on the train to Luzern. The train took about an hour, and was fun, but tiring. When we arrived we checked in to the hotel and both took showers and changed. we then went on a walking tour, first by going to Lake Luzern. We saw one of the Red Bull Flight contests, and walked through the park. We stopped and got wurst and a “schnitzel brat” with curry mustard. They were both really good. I had my first Swiss beer, Eichhof, made right here in Luzern. We then walked through town on to the bridge, and to our first church. We spent some time in shops and by the water. Lindy even lost her camera, and I had to go run and find it with the help of some french ladies. Eventually, around 5 we decided to get some dinner. We tried to find a place by the water, but food was so expensive. For example 4 small sausages were 16, 50 CHF or almost $24.00! Instead of eating there we got some take away sausage and fritz that we ate in a square while watching a band. Things close here really early, like 6 pm on a saturday and are not open on Sundays. I will give it another chance tomorrow, but I don’t like Luzern too much right now.

######September 4, 2011 - Luzern

Today Lindy woke me up around 8:15 to begin our day to Mount Pilatus. We got ready and head down to the port to get on teh boat. We rode fairy to Alpenhof where the cog railway is for Mount Pilatus. We rode it up the hill. Some grades are up to 48%, which is the steepest in the world. We toured around, but it was raining lightly, and the fog would not let up. We left without seeing through the fog. We took a gondola on the way out which was fun. When we got back to Luzern via bus we checked out a grocery store which had some beers and chocolate. We picked some up and ate/drank by the lake. Later we walked around some of the town and found some places to eat that weren’t really expensive. We found a nice Italian place off the lake that was not too bad. Lindy had a margarita pizza, and I had a Gorgonzola and pancetta pizza. I loved it but Lindy thought it smelled bad. It rained very hard on our way home walking.