Derek Stegelman


This is post 3 in my series of blog/journal entries from my Europe trip. The text may be incomplete, fuzzy, with a side of terrible grammar. Please excuse the mess.

######September 5, 2011 - Luzern -> Zurich -> Prague

Today we got up and hopped on to a train towards Zurich. We picked up some pastries at the Hbf in Luzern before leaving. We ate that and orange juice on teh train. Afterwords we arrived in Zurich. We picked up our night train reservations, and put our big bags away in a locker for the day. We toured around Zurich for the day doing a walking tour, shopping, and a ferry ride. We ran out of things to do around 5:30 and headed back to the station. Around 6:45 we decided to get our bags out. It turns out that Lindy had somehow lost the key to our bag locker. After panicking we were able to pay the company to open up the lost locker for us. Lindy owes me for that one. We ended the day on a night train, in a nice double room. Its great not having to share. We ate dinner on the snack car on the train. Lindy had some chicken and rice and I had Nuremberger sausages.

######Sepetember 6, 2011 - Prague

Arrived in Prague around 10:30. Had a really good night on the train. We woke up around 8:30 and we had breakfast of a croissant and bread brought to us. The breakfast was good. We got to the main station and headed to find the metro. After a small problem finding tickets we got some from a smoke shop. We hopped on the very old metro for our hotel! The Czech language is impossible to read because of the different alphabet. We checked in and went for some food at U Medviku. This is one place that was on my list. It had awesome goulasch and Budweiser Budvar. Lindy had some chicken that was good but didnt’ have much meat on it. After our lunch we headed to the old square for our Free tour. The tour took us all over town with a brief overview of things. After our tour we wandered around and found a nice Italian place to eat close to the main square. I had gnocchi and Lindy had Alla Amatricana. After dinner we headed in to do laundry. We started our clothes, but then had to wait over an hour to start drying them. We got them in around 10:20 and I didn’t get them out till around 12:00. I didn’t get to sleep until 12:15 or so, which sucked.

######Sepetember 7, 2011 -. Prague

Today we woke up late (9:30) due to last night’s laundry problems. We got our stuff together and headed to get breakfast. We went to the market to grab some pastries. We both got 2 and an orange juice. I picked up a beer for later for only 9 CHZ. We got on our tram and ate breakfast. We arrived at Prague castle and began our journey. We went through the Palaces, Art Museums, and St. Vitus. The Crypt and St. Wenceslas’s cathedral were both closed which was very disappointing. The rest of the day was spent around the castle. Around 5 we left and went to the Communism museum. We went through that which was fun. After, we headed to St. Wenceslas Square and on to U Fleku! Goulasch was better at U Fleku. They gave you more meat and less bread. The beer was great and I had a shot of Becherovka. Lindy got a beer, but I had to drink it.

######September 8, 2011 - Prague

Today we set out to visit the Jewish Quarter. I picked up breakfast at the market and we ate some on our way to the first few sites. We decided to pick up on all inclusive pass to all the Synagogues. The first was the Pinkus, which lists all of the Jews from Prague who were killed in the Holocaust. It is a huge number. Every wall in the building is covered with names. While there we also viewed art work by kids while they were at the concentration camp close to Prague. Next we went through the Jewish cemetery which is enormous. They weren’t allowed to be buried outside the walks, so this cemetery is crammed full. In some places the bodies are 12 deep. Next we visited the Old-New Synagogue which is the oldest still operating Synagogue in Europe. It is very small, and there is not much inside. We visited 3 more synagogues, all which were museums now.

Later we headed to Old Town were we went to the Lorreto, which is an old church like building housing some treasuries and a church. After, we did some shopping, drank coffee, and went up the tower in Old Town Square. We saw a demonstration in the square for the 3 Czech ice hockey players that were killed in a Russian plane crash.

We ended the day with drinks and more check food at U Vejvodu.

######September 9, 2011 Prague -> Kutna Hora

Got up and grabbed breakfast same as yesterday. Checked out of our hotel and headed for the main train station. We got on a train heading for Kutna Hora, a small town 40 min outside of Prague. There we saw the bone church and the main church in the city. The bone church had bones from 40,000 people killed during the plague or Hussite wars. There was a chandalier with every bone in the body present.

We had a nice little lunch and walked back to the train station. We caught a 3 pm train back to Prague and then a 5:39 train to Vienna. We arrived at our hotel Wombat later around 11. We checked in and got ready for bed. We noticed that this hotel has no TV (No BBC) or air conditioning, (it is currently 83 in Vienna).