Derek Stegelman


This is post 4 in my series of blog/journal entries from my Europe trip. The text may be incomplete, fuzzy, with a side of terrible grammar. Please excuse the mess.

######September 10, 2011 Vienna

Woke up and had the hotel breakfast. It was a mixture of German, (bread and meat( and English (veggies). Lindy didn’t really like it.

We left and headed to the Nacht Markt outside our hotel which is the huge open air market in Vienna. They had everything from spices, to pastries, and meta and cheese. Before we leave I shall have to pick something up. We walked through and headed towards our first stop on the walking tour, The Opera. It was very large, we will be attending an Opera tomorrow night. Next we walked towards a pedestrian only are and found Cafe Sacher, the famous Cafe for the dessert, Sacher Torte. We didn’t stop in for one yet though. We next went to the Kaisergruft which is the burial place for nearly all of the Hapsburgs. We accidentally stepped into a church giving mass which was a bit awkward. Next we headed to Stephenplatz and walked around the outside the Stpehendom. When we went inside they were also giving a mass so we decided to come back later. At this point it was about lunch time so we searched for some food. We found that the Figlmuler was close by so we stepped in, found it full and went around back. That was even more full, so we decided to go back and we were able to get a seat. Lindy and I both got Schnitzels which were huge! They were amazing! Best schnitzel I have ever had.

Later we walked back to the church and went inside. We also visited the Peters Church and took a rest at Demmel, a very rich Cafe where Lindy had a Sachertorte and I had an Annatorte. The Sachertorte was good, but the Annatorte had rum in it so I liked mine the most. I had the most amazing coffee as well. We left and went through the Hofburg Quarter where there was a huge festival going on. We tried to go to the National History Museum, but it had removed the dinosaurs so we left.

We walked to the Rathaus and spent some time in the gardens.

Next we went to the Prater where the Giant Ferris Wheel is at . We rode that and took some pictures. We walked around the park and watched people ride the roller coasters and such.

We picked up dinner at a small place in the Prater that had cheap food. I had a schnitzel again which was awesome. Lindy forgot her camera again, but this time some nice Germans picked it up and returned them to us.

######September 11, 2011 Vienna

Today was museum day! We went to the Nacktmarkt but it was closed. We grabbed a small pastry on the way to the Hofburg. We visited the silver collection, the Apartments, and the treasury. The treasury was awesome, lots of jewels and crowns and such. Later we visited the Art Museum and the Burg Garden where we rested with a beer. We finished the night with an opera which was slightly boring. Also, I got Kasekraner which was awesome.

######September 12, 2011 Vienna

Today we visited the beautiful Schonbrunn Palace! The Palace is enormous! We spent the first few hours touring the Apartments which were much nicer than the Hofburg. We then walked around the Gardens of the Palace and up to the highest point on the hill where we took some awesome pictures. We got some lunch on the top of the hill. I had Austrian Goulasch and Lindy had salad.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the zoo in Schonbrunn which was fun. We ended the day at a nice Italian restaurant where I got some Gnochii, wine and beer.

######September 13, 2011 Vienna -> Melk -> Krems -> Vienna

Today we day tripped to the enormous Melk Abbey. We took a train at 10 from the West Bahnhof. We arrived about an hour and a half later in the small town of Melk. We could see the famous Abbey from the train.

We got to the Abbey by walking a short distance, but up a large hill. We got tickets and went inside the Abbey’s museum which had a set of relics and items given to the Abbey over the last few hundred years. In the middle of the tour through the Abbey we found the Library which had huge stacks of books that were hundreds of years old. They had a Guttenberg Bible but had to sell it to Harvard in order to finance a renovation. At the end of the tour was the Abbey church which had two dead guys!

For lunch we ate at a cafe in Melk. I had the best schnitzel there. It was even better than Figlmuller.

We then got on a ferry that took us on a cruise of the Danube River. It was similar to the Rhine cruise that we were on last time. We saw lots of castles and medieval towns.

We left and took the train back to Vienna after having German Eis in Krems.