Derek Stegelman


This is post 6 in my series of blog/journal entries from my Europe trip. The text may be incomplete, fuzzy, with a side of terrible grammar. Please excuse the mess.

######September 17, 2011 Salzburg -> Munich

Today was the opening of Oktoberfest! We slept in and went to Munich around 11. We arrived around 12:30 and walked towards the Marienplatz. It is packed! We then hit the Chinese Pagoda in the Englischer Garten. This was also packed. I got a liter and Weisswurst and Nurenburger sausage. We then went to Oktoberfest which was nuts! There were so many people. We didn’t get into any tents. I got a beer in the biergarten at Hacker-Pschoor. I was kind of disappointed by the people, drunkenness, and just party attitude at Oktoberfest. We came back around 10 to Salzburg.

######September 18 2011 Munich -> Zurich

Today was our last full day in Europe. We got on a 9 am train headed for Munich. We got in around 10:30 and basically ran to Oktoberfest from there. It started to rain. We beat a few thousand people who were watching the parade and got right in to Hacker-Pschoor.

We did not get a table in the main tent but found one in the side areas that wasn’t reserved until 12. we got a first round and then I ordered one more beer before we got kicked out. We then walked around the tent and tried to find a place where I could buy a stein. After talking to 3 different waitresses I found the hidden office where they sell glasses. I found an awesome, 1 liter ceramic stein for 15 euros. I even got an awesome bag! We left the tent which was closed now to over capacity. These tents hold close to 8000 people. Outside the tent I got a brat and pommes frites. After eating that I saw Nurembergers and couldn’t resist. Lindy didn’t want sausage so we found this small tent connected to Hacker-Pschoor that was a restaraunt. Lindy got what she says is the best chicken ever and pommes frites. I just got another beer! We sat with an older couple from Quebec. They were fun to talk to! After we ate we ventured back outside to the Augustiner Brau Haus. We got in but 0 tables. We left, and because it was raining, decided to leave. We got an earlier train to Zurich at about 2. It took about 4.5 hours to get to Zurich, and it was pretty uncomfortable. We got in and checked in to our hotel. When we arrived we were really hungry, so we got some dinner down from our hotel. Expensive, but good.

######September 19 2011 Zurich -> Chicago -> KC

Got up and to the airport at 11. Plane ride to Chicago is 9 hours and 40 min.