Derek Stegelman

Vernazza - Help Rebuild

In 2009 my newly wed wife and I took our honeymoon on a month long trip to Europe. Along the way we spent time in some of Europe’s most memorable places, Rome, Berlin, and Munich among them. About 2 weeks into our trip we spent a relaxing week in a place I had never heard of before, a place so unbelievably awesome, so unique that I couldn’t believe my eyes. This place, was the Cinque Terre on the north western edge of Italy. For the next few days I sampled some of the best food and wine, and took in the relaxing Italian culture and lifestyle. To say the least, I was in my definition of heaven. Throughout the week we hiked, drank lemoncello, swam in the Mediterranean Sea, and saw some of the most beautiful landscape in all of Europe. Take a look at our pictures below.

On October 25, 2011 a massive flood struck the Cinque Terre and hit this tiny town of Vernazza the hardest. For weeks Vernazza was only accessible by helicopter as the entire railway leading between the small towns was filled with debris. My favorite travel destination and honeymoon spot, destroyed, all in a few minutes. You can see the damage yourself by viewing the slideshow on Rick Steve’s website.

Today, we are donating to help rebuild this majestic little village. This town holds a very special place for us and we hope to visit again as soon as we can to help boost tourism which is the life blood of the Cinque Terre.

Please consider joining us this holiday season in donating to Save Vernazza and organization working hard to restore Vernazza to its former glory.