Derek Stegelman

On the News

On the recent horrific massacre in Conneticut, my feelings can be summed up fairly nicely with this single tweet.

I’m a gun owner, I acknowledge that not everyone thinks it’s okay, and I acknowledge that not many in the polictal party that I (mostly) align with share this feeling at all. There are tons of things we could do to prevent the (seemingly) constant school shootings and other large scale gun crime. As an American who has been exposed to other cultures, it’s crazy to see how violent our culture is compared to others. I think after major events like this people seem to lose it and make rash decisions without weighing in all the facts and thinking about the consequences. Instead of rushing to move legislation forward on something, why don’t we take a minute to logically think about our culture and how we are constantly encouraging our populace to be so violent.

And on that, no more political talk from me for a while.