Derek Stegelman

Follow Up, Django and Gunicorn

This is a (short) update to my post about moving to Gunicorn from mod_wsgi.

A few months ago I moved my webfaction based apache mod_wsgi setup to Gunicorn. At the time I posted on twitter and even got a few replies both ways, even one from Graham Dumpleton (he wrote the mod_wsgi apache module). So far I’ve had huge success with the move. I’ve had significantly less down time from memory leaks, and much better response times under Gunicorn. I attribute a lot of this to supervisor as well. I should have been using this to manage apache.

I should have been keeping better metrics because this is the point that I’d like to show some lovely graphs. Unfoturnately, I didn’t so you’ll have to trust what I’ve said here. At any rate I’ve seen significant improvement through using this. I’d recommend it to anyone still using apache mod_wsgi.

Happy Coding!