Derek Stegelman

Basement Finishing: Planning

I work from my basement, and my basement isn’t yet finished. After we moved in we decided we would try to tackle this project with a little outsourcing and a little DIY. Below is the plan as it stands now.


The gist is that we’ve decided not to finish the bathroom at this point and leave everything past our furnace for storage. We will have more storage in the unfinished bathroom area as well. We are going to make the basement one very large living room with the nook area being for the bar and kegorator. In addition to the bar area I’ll be turning the majority of the basement into a sports/media room with TV and surround sound. I’m going to inherit most of the equipment from our current setup up stairs and add some new equipment as well. I’m currently bidding out the framing/electrical/drywalling and potentially the flooring and finishing if the price is right. Beginning in the next few weeks I’ll be pre-wiring the basement for surround and a new antenna I’m installing on the outside of the house.

image image

In subsequent posts I’ll be talking about things like hiring out work, bidding, wiring up your basic media room, and challenges that I’m sure we’ll face along the way. I’ll update this post with those links as they are added.