Derek Stegelman

Basement Finishing: Getting Permitted

So this is Post 2 in my series on finishing my basement. In my last post I talked about getting estimates and calling contractors to get prices on finsihing my basement. Well, lets just say that didn’t work out to well. All estimates were painfully high and I was suprised at the number of contactors that had absolutely no interest in the project given its size. With all of this, (and some help and encouragement from parents) we’ve gone ahead and decided to finish the basement ourselves, with the exception of drywalling which I will be contracting out.

######Getting Permitted

When I first thought about finishing the basement myself my first thought was “how can I possibly get permitted when I don’t know what I’m even doing?”. It turns out that getting a permit really isn’t too terribly difficult. Where I live in Colorado, getting a permit is as easy as filling out a few forms, doing some cost estimates and making a decent drawing.

I acquired the permit after only waiting about 2 days. My city made it really simple and easy to do. It was kinda pricy though, upwards of $400.