Derek Stegelman

Basement Finishing: Installing Recessed Lighting

One of the first things I started working on during the basement project was picking and installing recessed lighting. It is really easy to install and can be done almost right away as we aren’t worried about wiring, and the cieling joists are already present. When adding the lighting we needed to buy fixtures that were insulation ready, as in they are able to be completely wrapped in insulation. This was a specific code in my area, so your mileage may vary.


The install went incredibly smoothly. You’ll need to measure out the width of the space and then make some personal decisions on the spacing. In my case it was about 3.5 feet in between fixtures. These particular fixtures just have four nails to install directly to the cieling joist.


To wire up, the fixtures have connectors that can each handle 3 connections, which thankfully I only had to full use once in my setup. I was able to wire up (after rough inspection) all 8 fixtures in under an hour and a half, so this was a really easy part of the job.