Derek Stegelman

A New Start

I’ve noticed a lot lately that I’ve been spending a lot of time building managing my various websites. Originally, I built in Django to learn the framework and better understand what I needed to do at work. The site is mostly a blog with some static pages and apps that I developed over the years but never really used. Throughout that time I’ve learned a lot but at the expensive of having to maintain the site, its dependencies and upgrades.

Today that is changing.

Shed the Time-Suck

While working on the site is fun, it’s also an enormous time drain. I’ve found that I spend too much time working on it and some other open source software that has proven virtually useless. I need to spend more time with family and less time drained on these side projects.

I still plan to keep around some of the bigger and more useful apps such as django-mail-queue but other, smaller projects like pytappd and others will be going away. Let me know if you’d like to take one over.

I’m also dumping the django app powering I’ll still be writing; hopefully more now than ever; but I’ll be doing it using Ghost.

I’ll be moving over my old blog posts that I think have value as well.

I’m still going to keep the old site going for now at but that will soon go away once I’ve transfered all the content.