Derek Stegelman


This fall we took a family trip to Northern Calfornia, hitting up a few different cities and spending 2 weeks both working and relaxing. I decided to work 4 of the days we were there, and taking vacation days for the rest.

North Lake Tahoe

image of ada in lake tahoe

Ada had a great time at Lake Tahoe. Out of all the places we visted during this trip Lake Tahoe was by far the most kid friendly. Most days we took it pretty easy, swimming in the pools and hanging out on the beach. We also took a “hike” for kids that Ada was able to do. It was pretty short and not any incline so she did just fine (with breaks).

image of ada on the trail in lake tahoe

We spent more time at the beach and got up to leave to our next destination, Monterery Bay.

Monterery Bay

In Monterery we were once again greeted with a beach, but this time it was the Pacific ocean instead of the lake. Monetery was a great place to go with a family. Lots of activities for little kids and plenty of time to spend at the beach. While we were in Monterey we spent some time at the Aquarium

Image of Ada and Daddy on the beach in monterery

Image of the aquarium

Lindy also met up with a friend from California and Ada played nicely.

image of ada and lilly

We also had time to do a fun drive on the Highway 1 around the coast. We stopped a few times to get out and hike around and explore. We got a ton of great photos.

images of highway 1

I worked two days from our apartment in Monterey which went well. The only thing that sucked was getting up super early so that I could be online by 8 AM Central.

San Francisco

We spent about a week in San Francisco after leaving Monetery. We took some time to drive slow, enjoy the scenery, and also to stop in Cupertino at Apple HQ.

image of derek at apple hq

I’d been to San Francisco a few times, but this was both Lindy and Ada’s first time spending more than a few hours in the city. We of course visited the golden gate, and also spent some time at various musemus throughout the city.

image of golden gate bridge

Traveling with a toddler means lots of time is spent going back for naps and finding places for her to get some energy out like beaches and playgrounds. Beaches were pretty easy to find and get to, but it was rather difficult to find playgrounds and other kid friendly areas in the city.

ada at the beach in san fran

We spent one of our nights going to see the Giants play downtown and we stopped at one of my favorite breweries 21st Amendment!

pic of baseball

The last two days in San Francisco I worked from our apartment which was a nice way to end a busy family vacation!