Intermittent Fasting Experiment


For the past two weeks I’ve been experimenting with a Ketogenic diet to see if I could finally lose the last 30 or so pounds that I’ve gained over the last decade. The initial weeks have gone well, losing almost 10 pounds so far.

In addition to eating in a completely different way, I’ve wanted to experiment with another diet change that is “Intermittent Fasting”. My goal is to have periods of fasting for 16-18 hours per 24 hour period. Essentially, this means skipping breakfast and refraining from any eating after dinner time, which for me is never later than 7 pm. I want to try this for a week and see if it impacts any of my weight loss while on the Ketogenic diet.

I will only be weighing in on Friday, Tuesday, and the ending Friday. If results are fairly positive, I’ll discuss lengthening the experiment as well.

Friday May 20


Saturday May 21


Sunday May 22


Monday May 23


Tuesday May 24


Wednesday May 25

Thursday May 26

Friday May 27


Overall, this experience has been eyeopening to the amount of food I had been eating for breakfast every day. I lost several pounds over the course of the week, and I’m going to attempt to continue doing this for as long as I can. I noticed that the longer I continue with the fasting, eating in the morning has become less and less appealing.