Derek Stegelman

Call for Authors

The time has come for me to let go some of the open source work that I have been building up throughout the years. I no longer work on python or django projects full time and that is severely limiting my ability to keep up with changes in the framework, and the community.

Because of this, I think it is time to see if these libraries that I’ve helped build could be taken over by others, archived or all together deleted as I’m sure a lot of them could be entirely obsolete by now. I still plan to contribute to open source, and perhaps even some python projects as well, but I want to do so as a contributor and not a leader.

All of the following projects need a new home, and I’ll keep this page updated as needed. If these projects can’t find a new home within 6 months I’ll likely end up shutting them down and deleting the github repos to remove confusion and cruft from within the community. I don’t plan on deleting any of the pypi packages, so existing dependencies should work just fine.

Can you Help?

If you are interested in taking over a project send me a mail derek at stegelman dot com or open up an issue on the relevant github repo. If I feel that you’d be a good candidate we can discuss transfering the project assets.

Projects Remaing

Moved Projects

  • Django Bootstrap Static

Other libraries on my GitHub account are surely already obsolete anyway, and I’ll likely be removing them after taking an archive (just in case).